For the greater attractiveness of rowing and the expansion of the community, amateur rowing or hobby rowing is gradually being developed at clubs, especially on LITEBOAT rowing boats. Whether this rowing is just the beginining (for beginners) or the discipline itself, it doesn't matter. Now even novices or non-racing enthusiasts can enjoy a ride on a rowing boat. And because man is a competitive creature by nature, we decided to make the Hodonin Rowing Regatta more attractive, specifically the races for HOBBY rowers. On the one hand, a race on LITEBOAT SPORT boats and paired quads with a coxswain.

 The races will be run as separate races without the condition of registration with the federation. Club or other clothing is not required. The goal is to experience the atmosphere of the race. You will ride on 4 indentical LITEBOAT SPORT  boats (5meters), which will be provided b the organizers. Pair Quad with a coxswain will be fitted with MACON oars. The race will be over a distance of 500 m. HOBBY and MASTERS races will take place on Friday 24.5. from 2 p.m. until evening and further on Saturday 25.3. from 8:30 to 10:30. Calling all enthusiasts, parents and hobbyists.

Liteboat rowing boats

A wider rowing boat, with a load capacity of 130 kg. Very easy to control with a length of 5m. Ther advantage is its stability, which almost everyone can handle.

pair quad races

The second discipline will be races on paired quad with a coxswain. There will also be a 500 m race in mixed crews of 2 men and 2 women.

Masters challange

Friday and Saturday also include standard MASTERS category races on scull, double scull and mix 4x-. On Saturday, a mix of doulbe scull and pure fours will be raced. More information in the  PROGRAM tab.